lard - Bugfix Release

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lard-0.1.9 20070124

Fix "split-up" messages from the kernel log. We buffer the lines from the kmsg socket that are not \n-terminated, and print them out once they do.

lard-0.1.8 20070123

Fix a major bug where messages from the kernel log end up discarded. Assuming a default priority of 6, these now end up correctly in the kernel logs as "info" messages.

lard-0.1.7 20060822

Fixed two small bugs. The -- MARK -- timeout value was incorrectly referenced and changing the value didn't work correctly. Rewrote the priority/facility handling code to properly work for all incoming syslog message types.

lard-0.1.6 20051031

Added -d, the typical debug option which implies -n. Right now it doesn't spit out that much debug info yet but I will add more debug statements later as codebase grows. Lard also can handle multiple 'match' statements which makes it easier to select specific messages. On top of that, you can now use 'filter' to prune unwanted messages.

lard-0.1.5 20050511

Lard now knows the 'post' rule keyword. This allows you to specify post-rotate actions. These can be used to send apache a USR1 to reset the logfiles, send a copy of a logfile by email, or anything else you might want to do after a file is rotated. Lard automatically sees that the same command does not need to be executed twice in a row and runs commands only once per rotation event.

Lard also properly detaches from stdin/out/err now when run as daemon. The example configuration has been adjusted to provide a more common used base config. This is what most people will use in real life, and mimics more or less what most distributions provide as default.

lard-0.1.4 20050321

Bugfix release. This version adds improved PIDfile handling and properly writes the process ID before forking. SIGCHLD signals are also ignored and stops lard from accumulating zombie childs.

lard-0.1.3 20050313

Quite a stable release, lard-0.1.3 now handles HUP signals and reloads the configuration file. The kernel logs are now enabled by default so that the '-k' option is obsolete. Use '-K' to disable tailing kernel logs. The kernel log feature will be disabled automatically if /proc/kmsg is missing. -- MARK -- messages are also logged by default every 20 minutes, but can be changes using the 'mark' configuration option. Finally, plenty of code cleanups make lard a lot more cleaner.

lard-0.1.2 20050310

bugfix and feature release: lard now mimics 'klogd' by starting it up with the -k option and catches linux kernel messages. This version also properly handles command spawning, message forwarding and the manuals have been adjusted to reflect all the config options properly.

lard-0.1.1 20050307

Quick bugfix release: lard now correctly logs the proper messages based on facility/priority. The 'domain' keyword was added to the manpages to explain it's function, and lard can now act as a rotation tool for logfiles that lard does not write log message to without using the 'log' keyword.

lard-0.1 20050306

Lard-0.1 is released! Lard has reached a usable stage and is now looking at the bugtracking development phase as most features are implemented.


Lard is a Logging and Rotation Daemon, that can replace the functionality of sysklogd and logrotate together. Logging is done almost exactly the same as syslogd, with added features such as regex matching, command triggers. Rotation can be triggered while the daemon is running safely by sending it a simple signal.

More information

Read the man page or the docs contained in the package for more information

lard was written by Auke Kok, sofar at foo-projects dot org

lard is released in the public domain. No copyright is assumed as the original work also falls under this.

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


The latest version is: .

You can download the latest version here by http or download one from the download directory

Alternatively, the adventurous can checkout the subversion trunk and try the latest code: svn co lard. Feel free to send patches and comments.